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Scintillant® Suction

Handheld Lighting when you need it.

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Scintillant® Retractor

Lighted Blunt Retraction, sterile and ready to be used.

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Scintillant® Zip-Strap

Attach the Scintillant® light to almost any tool in the OR.

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The SurgiLight is an exciting new surgical illumination device developed as an ergonomic alternative to headlamps.

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Scintillant® Surgical Light

What makes our lights different

  • Bright LED

    14K Lux at 10 inches. IPX5 Water Resistant

  • Untethered

    Enjoy a cable-free lighting option that features an ergonomic handle.

  • Battery Powered

    3 Hour Run Time

  • Surgical Safe

    Our lights come individually packaged and sterilized in a box of 5.

Scintillant Lights®

Watch to see what you have been missing.

Scintillant® Suction

This product is ready for use right out of the package. When seconds matter, use our tonsil-style suction tip to work around obstructions and effectively aspirate fluids.

Scintillant® Retractor

Use this moderate blunt retractor to get past tissue while illuminating anatomy up close. The ergonomic design allows you to easily move past any impediments during surgery.

Scintillant® Zip-Strap

This handheld medical surgical light comes with two rubber straps for easy application on any surgical tool. Enhance every instrument in the OR with added visualization everywhere you need it to navigate past critical areas.


Untethered, Hands-Free, Battery-Powered LED Lighting


    High-Density LED - 100klx Max Brightness at 14" from object.

  • Hands Free Lighting

    SurgiLight’s flexible arm allows for more agile and precise positioning of the LED lighting source.

  • Battery Powered

    Rechargeable, with a run time of 6-12 hrs, depending on setting.

  • Ergonomic

    The SurgiLight illumination system reduces dependence on LED surgical headlamps, which in some cases can lead to neck discomfort.


Enhance your Field of View.

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