• BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Suction

    This product is one of our most versatile options in the BihlerMed® line. Procedures in gynecology and urology, colorectal surgeries, general surgeries, orthopedic surgeries and plastic surgeries have already benefited from the combined use of suction and lighting in the same tool.

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  • BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Retractor

    Use this tool to ensure you’re getting the best visualization possible when inspecting anatomy. Surgeons have found this product to be most useful in gynecological, general, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

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  • BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Zip-Strap

    The Zip-Strap will supply your surgeons with light even in complex surgeries. In use, this tool has effectively provided deep cavity illumination in delicate spinal procedures, a unique and valuable capability. Whatever you use to get your work done, BihlerMed ensures you have the tools you need while keeping your space bright.

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