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Scintillant® Retractor


Scintillant® Retractor

 The Scintillant® Retractor is a handheld surgical light affixed to a low profile flat retractor designed to combine moderate blunt retraction of tissue with bright LED illumination. The ergonomic design enables users to safely navigate critical obstructions, clearly visualize anatomy and efficiently retract tissue. Shipped sterile, the surgical lighted Retractor is ready for use immediately upon removal from its protective packaging.

Use this tool to ensure you’re getting the best visualization possible when inspecting anatomy. Surgeons have found this product to be most useful in gynecological, general, plastic and reconstructive surgical procedures.

  • Shipped Sterilized
  • Individually Packaged
  • Single Use Disposable
  • 14K Lux at 4"
  • 3 HR. Run time
  • IPX5 Resistant
  • 5 Lights per Box
  • Made in USA


This device is able to be used in many countries globally, for more information regarding the eligibility of this device in your country please contact us through our Contact Us page.