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BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Zip-Strap

BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Zip-Strap

The BihlerMed® Surgical Light with Zip-Strap is a handheld LED surgical light featuring rubber straps for simple attachment to surgical instruments. The non-tethered construction enables users to enhance operating room instruments, clearly illuminate the surgical field and safely navigate critical obstructions during surgical procedures. The innovative design of the Zip-Strap creates a wide range of opportunities to combine its bright white illumination with standard operating room instruments.

The Zip-Strap will supply your surgeons with light even in complex surgeries. In use, this tool has effectively provided deep cavity illumination in delicate spinal procedures, a unique and valuable capability. Whatever you use to get your work done, BihlerMed ensures you have the tools you need while keeping your space bright.

  • Shipped Sterilized
  • Individually Packaged
  • Single Use Disposable
  • 14K Lux at 4"
  • 3 HR. Run time
  • IPX5 Resistant
  • Made in USA


This device is able to be used in many countries globally, for more information regarding the eligibility of this device in your country please contact us through our Contact Us page.

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The BihlerMed® Sales and Engineering team will be at the upcoming 2023 ASCRS Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle.

We will then be at the Southern Orthopaedic Association Annual Meeting in Miramar Beach, Florida.

Lastly, we will be attending the Western Orthopaedic Assocation Annual Meeting in Idaho.